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This page shows my returns from TWINO plus my account overview, so you can get an impression of the performance of this platform.

Minimum investment at Twino is €10. This would make this a good platform for new investors, however the popularity of the platform results in most loans available for investment having a loan period of 4-5 years. On the other hand Twino will guarantee all payments including interest for all loans with Payment Guarantee.


Last update:2021-09-01
Value:€ 2,044
Profit:€ 1,354
Date first deposit :2018-08-27
Date last deposit :2018-08-27
Date last withdrawal :2021-06-28
Return rate since first deposit (XIRR):9.7%

Platform details

Registered in:
Offices in:
Active in:
Start platform:2015
Minimum investment:€ 10
Auto invest:Yes
Total financed:€ 720+ M

Interest per month

Historical return rate

Account overview

Auto-invest settings

I publish my auto-invest settings to give you an impression and to inspire. You should not copy these settings without reviewing them and understanding their impact. There is no such thing as ‘the best settings’, as these vary per investor. Activating an auto-invest means you are giving away control over the investments you make, so be sure to limit the settings to your own preferences. When in doubt, stay on the safe side. Or keep investing manually. Settings that I have not mentioned have the default value.

Your investment6000
Per loan50
Interest rate10 - 14%
Term1 - 24 months
Loan typesall
Loan ratingBuyBack, PG
Loan statusCurrent
Include loans with Currency ExposureNo
Make this investment as ReinvestmentYes
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