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Last updated: July 2, 2022

To minimize the risks I have diversified my investments over several categories: the stock market and crowdfunding and crowdlending. Within each category I have spread my investments over multiple platforms. This page shows the distribution and returns. Each platform has its own overview page, which can be reached via the menu or the magnifier link in the tables below.


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My definition for my passive income is this: if my portfolio has increased in value, this increase is my passive income for that month. This is the value I can safely extract without jeopardizing my future income stream. If my portfolio decreases in value, my passive income for that month is zero. A withdrawal would further decrease my future income stream. Of course a decreased value of my portfolio does not only mean that my passive income is zero, it also affects all future incomes as there are less funds to generate that income.


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Crowdlending (west)

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Crowdlending (east)

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Disclaimer: I share my experiences on this site, and blog about my results and things I encounter. It is for informational purposes only and cannot be considered professional advice. Investments bring risk and you should never invest funds that you are not willing to lose. I think my site is a nice start, but do your own research and make sure you understand the risks before you start to invest yourself. You can read more about this here.

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