Grupeer overview

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This page shows my returns from Grupeer plus my account overview, so you can get an impression of the performance of this platform.

The minimum investment via Grupeer is €10. The auto-invest function really well, and automatically invests your deposits, received interest, and received principal. So it is completely effortless. Combine this with the interest rates of around 13% and you’ll see this platform is suited for both small and large investors.


Last update:2021-01-01
Value:€ 8,568
Profit:€ 1,541
Date first deposit :2018-09-06
Date last deposit :2019-01-22
Date last withdrawal :(none)
Return rate since first deposit (XIRR):9.3%

Platform details

Registered in:
Offices in:
Active in:
Start platform:2016
Minimum investment:€ 10
Auto invest:Yes

Interest per month

Historical return rate

Account overview

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