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This page shows my returns from Funding Circle NL plus my account overview, so you can get an impression of this platform.

The Funcing Circle platform is active in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and The Netherlands. I invest via the Dutch Funding Circle NL platform, and you can start investing from €100. Worldwide over 85,000 investors have invested over 6.7 billion euros.


Last update:2022-06-01
Value:€ 614
Gains:€ 1,131
Date first deposit :2018-08-14
Date last deposit :2018-12-24
Date last withdrawal :(none)
Return rate since first deposit (XIRR):8.7%

Platform details

Registered in:
Offices in:
Active in:
Start platform:2010
Minimum investment:€ 100
Auto invest:No
Total financed:€ 220+ M

Interest per month

Historical return rate

Account overview

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