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This page shows my returns from Bondora plus my account overview, so you can get an impression of the performance of this platform.

Bondora is a peer-to-peer lending platform established in Estonia in 2009. It has 387,000+ customers, and 57,000+ investors have invested more than 189 million euros and earned more than 40 million euros. When you want to give it a try, I strongly advise to use the Go & Grow portfolio option only. This is a fully automated account that offers 6.75% and you can withdraw your money at any time. I have heard a lot of negative things about the other portfolio options. Go & Grow works great and is like a savings account on steroids.

At Bondora you can start with a minimum of €1 which makes this platform suitable for starters. It’s ease of use combined with the fully automated Go & Grow and the attractive return of 6.75% make it also suitable for large sum investors. Investors should spread their investments over multiple platforms, and Bondora is a stable candidate.

I visited Bondora on September 17, 2019, you can find the report here.


Last update:2020-09-01
Value:€ 4,747
Profit:€ 745
Date first deposit :2018-08-22
Date last deposit :2020-03-17
Date last withdrawal :2020-08-03
Return rate since first deposit (XIRR):6.8%

Platform details

Registered in:
Offices in:
Active in:
Start platform:2009
Minimum investment:€ 1
Auto invest:Yes
Total financed:€ 370+ M

Welcome bonus

Bondora has a welcome bonus for new investors. We all love a bonus, but it is always a good idea to have a good look at the platform. Would you invest here if there was no bonus involved?

When you register through this link you’ll receive a 5 euro bonus. Just give their Go & Grow option a try for a few months, and don’t try the other advanced options.

Interest per month

Historical return rate

Account overview