April 2019: a new platform

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April 2019: a new platform

The update for May is available, but the front page isn’t updated yet due to technical problems.

In this monthly update I’ll show you the returns and results of my crowdfunding and crowdlending investments.

This month I have added a new platform to my portfolio: Kuetzal. I plan to add a new platform on a regular basis now, so be sure to visit again next month!

Received interest has gone down a bit compared to previous month. Several projects at Envestio ended at the end of march, and I douldn’t re-invest it until april 3rd. Interest is payed on a monthly basis, the next payment is on may 3rd. So no interest in april for one third of my funds there.. Next month the total amount of interest should be a lot higher, one of the reasons is a project at Crowdestate that pays interest every 3 months.

Portfolio overview April 2019

Last month the interest payments I received totalled € 724.10 and my average rate of return over all platforms is 11.6%. The table below shows the details for each platform.

Bondora€ 30.086.6%€ 6,342€ 6,101
Crowdestate€ 7.746.9%€ 5,229€ 5,000
Crowdestor€ 31.899.7%€ 5,211€ 5,000
Envestio€ 145.7019.1%€ 15,279€ 13,714
EstateGuru€ 13.366.1%€ 2,615€ 2,513
Fast Invest€ 121.1213.6%€ 10,846€ 10,000
Funding Circle€ 46.898.4%€ 6,300€ 6,300
Grupeer€ 106.5114.9%€ 7,566€ 7,000
Iuvo€ 113.3913.2%€ 11,025€ 10,270
Kuetzal€ 0.000.0%€ 1,005€ 1,005
Lender & Spender€ 14.313.9%€ 3,186€ 3,130
Mintos€ 47.229.5%€ 5,313€ 5,000
Twino€ 45.8910.4%€ 5,346€ 5,000
Total€ 724.1011.6%€ 85,262€ 80,032

The XIRR column contains the annualized rate of return since my first deposit into that platform. Click on a column header to sort the table by that column, twice to reverse the sort order. I have an overview page for each platform, click on the magnifier glass to visit that page.

Interest income per month


To show you how little effort is involved when investion via crowdfunding and crowdlending I have added an overview of the manual actions in the last month:

EnvestioApril 2Invested 5726 euros in 'Fish processing for export market expansion 5' (18%)
KuetzalApril 16Invested 1000 euros in new platform: Kuetzal
EnvestioApril 23Invested 1153 euros in 'Production of wood pallets – trade financing 4' (16%)
MintosApril 19Auto-invest portfolio adjusted
EnvestioApril 30Invested 220 euros in 'Crypto-mining Farm 1100GTX1080ti' (17.45%)

I did check the platforms every now and then, but this was purely for fun. It wasn’t necessary to get these interest payments and return rates.

Platform updates


My investments at Bondora returned € 30.08 last month, and my average return rate is now 6.6%.

Bondora is the one crowdfunding platform that resembles a savings account when you choose the Go&Grow portfolio option. Its super easy and you can withdraw your funds at any moment to your own checking account. Its an ideal option to try crowdfunding for a couple of months, it is suitable for both small and large investors.

Click on the graph to visit my Bondora overview page

When you register through this link you’ll receive a 5 euro bonus. Just give their Go & Grow option a try for a few months, and don’t try the other advanced options.


My investments at Crowdestate returned € 7.74 last month, and my average return rate is now 6.9%.

Investments at Crowdestate have to be multiples of 100 euros. There is a project available, but I can’t invest in it as I only have 29 euros available. I don’t mind, the project has an interest rate of 12.3% and I expect the next projects to have higher rates:

The peaks in the graph below are caused by a project that pays interest every 3 months. Next month should show another peak, when a payment of 90 euros is due.

Click on the graph to visit my Crowdestate overview page


My investments at Crowdestor returned € 31.89 last month, and my average return rate is now 9.7%.

Crowdestor has lowered the minimum investment amount to 50 euros. Good news for investors, as received interest can be re-invested a lot sooner now. This makes the platform more attractive, and of course the interest rates help too. The interest rate of 18% for this current project is a nice example:

The investment period of 24 months is quite a long time though. Crowdestor is one of the few platforms that announces new projects several days ahead, including a countdown timer. A new project has just been announced, this time with an interest rate of ‘just’ 14%. On the other hand: the investment period is only 3 months:

I think invest periods of 3 to 6 months are optimal, but they’re rare. 2 years is the upper limit for me now. I am in it for the long run, but I want to be flexible. It is really nice to have the revenue stream that comes with an 18% interest for the next 2 years though. So it depends on how you look at it.

Click on the graph to visit my Crowdestor overview page


My investments at Envestio returned € 145.70 last month, and my average return rate is now 19.1%.

Envestio is one of my favorite platforms. Attractive interest rates (16-20%). The investment periods are usually 6-12 months, and the interest is paid monthly. So far I have invested in 29 projects, and all projects paid in time. And all projects have a buyback guarantee for at least 90% of your investment.

Several new projects are added each month, but most projects are fully funded within a few hours to a few days due to the popularity of this platform. The trick is to deposit your funds first, and then keep a close eye on your mailbox as an email is sent when a new project is published.

The chart below shows the number of projects that were adde in the last few months:

Received interest was a bit lower compared to last month. Several projects finished end of March during my vacation, and I re-invested the funds in the first week of april. Interest is paid monthly based on the day of investing, so the interest payment will be in the first week of may. So a third of my total funds at Envestio did not result in interest revenue in April. Next month should be better as the site shows 222 euros will be paid in May.

Click on the graph to visit my Envestio overview page

When you register via this link you’ll receive a 5 euro bonus with your first deposit, plus a bonus of 0.5% over all your investments in the first 270 days.


My investments at EstateGuru returned € 13.36 last month, and my average return rate is now 6.1%.

There is no news yet regarding the project that is now 60+ days late, and for which the process was started to auction the collateral. The other loan that was late previous month is still late, but only 4-15 days. Payments do come in but each time several days late, so I’m not worried about that yet.

Click on the graph to visit my EstateGuru overview page

Fast Invest

My investments at Fast Invest returned € 121.12 last month, and my average return rate is now 13.6%.

Click on the graph to visit my Fast Invest overview page

Funding Circle

My investments at Funding Circle returned € 46.89 last month, and my average return rate is now 8.4%.

Click on the graph to visit my Funding Circle overview page


My investments at Grupeer returned € 106.51 last month, and my average return rate is now 14.9%.

Several loan originators were added to Grupeer. ‘Right Choice Finance’ from the Fhilippines offers loans with an interest rate of 13% en investment periods of 13 months. PlanetaCash from Russia focusses on loans between 30 and 400 euros, investment period of 14 months, and also with 13% interest rates. The last one is Bosak Microfinance Bank from Nigeria: 11% interest rates and investment periods of just 4 months. All loans have buyback guarantee, so you get your money back plus the accrued interest in case the payments are late.

Click on the graph to visit my Grupeer overview page


My investments at Iuvo returned € 113.39 last month, and my average return rate is now 13.2%.

Click on the graph to visit my Iuvo overview page


This month I have added a new platform to my portfolio: Kuetzal. The platform was founded last year in Estonia, it offers projects with interest rates up to 21%. Minimum investment is 100 euros, and just like Crowdestor and Envestio you can only invest manually. There is a buyback guarantee in case payments ate late (60+ days) but this only applies to about half of the projects. There is quite a variation of projects, from healthcare, real estate, to crypto-mining:

The first interest payment is due May 17, so next month I’ll include the first numbers. It is still a bit early to tell how this platform will perform, but it looks like it will compete with Crowdestor and Envestio.

Lender & Spender

My investments at the Dutch crowdlending platform Lender & Spender returned € 14.31 last month, and my average return rate is now 3.9%.

Click on the graph to visit my Lender & Spender overview page


My investments at Mintos returned € 47.22 last month, and my average return rate is now 9.5%.

Mintos published their fourth annual financial report, for 2018. They show a huge growth, the company itself amost doubled to 59 employees. The number of registered investors doubled too, from 43,457 naar 98,546.

In 2017 332 million euros were invested into 1.6 million new loans, in 2018 that tripled to a whopping 1 billion euros in 4.8 million new loans. These numbers made them leader in the European market of investments in loans. They also won the AltFi’s “People’s Choice Award” for the third time in a row. And they even made a small profit (13 thousand euros profit, 4.6 million euros revenue).

31 new lending companies joined the Mintos marketplace in 2018, adding 13 originating countries to the map: Armenia, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Mexico, Moldova, North Macedonia, Philippines, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Zambia. Investors can now diversify their portfolios across loans originated in 28 countries across the globe.

Click on the graph to visit my Mintos overview page

When you register via this link you’ll receive a 1% cashback bonus over all your investments in the first 90 days.


My investments at Twino returned € 45.89 last month, and my average return rate is now 10.4%.

Click on the graph to visit my Twino overview page

And finally…

That was it for this monthly update. You can subscribe via the contact page and you’ll receive an email the moment a new update is published. Or just visit again next month, that’s up to you.

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