February 2019: shortest month, highest return

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February 2019: shortest month, highest return

It’s been a month since the last update, how time flies! It was the shortest month of the year, that helps too of course. I was really looking forward to this update with the results of my crowdfunding investments, because I expected a large payment for one of the projects at Crowdestate. Well, I wasn’t disappointed!

So, without further ado, here are the numbers!

Portfolio february 2019

In total I received €984.75 and my average rate of return over all platforms is now 11.7%. Both are records and the result of the Crowdestate payment I mentioned.

Fast Invest€110.0013.2%€10,602€10,000
Funding Circle€49.598.2%€6,663€6,663
IUVO Group€110.3613.2%€10,709€10,000
Lender & Spender€12.703.8%€3,475€3,475

The XIRR column contains the annualized rate of return since the first deposit. You can click on the column headers to sort the table, and clicking the magnifier glass will take you to the overview page for that platform.

Interest per month

Historical rate of return

The chart below shows my average return rate of all platforms combined. The large interest payment at Crowdestate is visible here too, but I expect the chart to drop a bit in the next two months until the next quarterly payment.


To Show you how little effort is involved when investion via crowdfunding I have added an overview of the manual actions in the last month:

Crowdestorfebruary 7Invested 2,500 euros in 'Energy production plant' (19.5%)
Envestiofebruary 11Invested 73 euros in 'Power Plant Factoring/Development Phase 1' (16.2%)
Bondorafebruary 12Invested 438 euros
Envestiofebruary 23Invested 105 euros in 'Power Plant Factoring/Development Phase 1' (16.2%)
Crowdestatefebruary 28Invested 200 euros in 'Nord Company - Working capital' (16%)

Platform updates


Nothing exiting happened at Bondora, the €28.73 of interest I received matched perfectly with the advertised return rate of 6.75%. Like I said before, The Go&Grow portfolio option at Bondora is more like a savings account on steroids.

Click on the graph to visit my Bondora overview page

When you register through this link you’ll receive a 5 euro bonus. Just give their Go & Grow option a try for a few months, and don’t try the other advanced options.


My investments at Crowdestate returned a whopping €187,99 and the return rate has risen to 8.7%.

One of the projects pays the interest on a quarterly basis, and this month I received the payment of the first two quarters combined (€184). This also ‘fixed’ the return rate (from 1.2% to 8.7%). It also boosted my overall return rate.

I invested €200 in a new project with 16% interest:

Click on the graph to visit my Crowdestate overview page


My investments at Crowdestor returned €48.91, with an average return rate of 11.2%.

On february 7th I invested €2,500 euro in a project with an interest rate of 19.5%. The loan period is two years, quite long, but the interest rate makes up for that:

I received the first interest payment on february 21, so that looks promising.

Click on the graph to visit my Crowdestor overview page


Envestio is both my best performing platform, and the platform I deposited the most in. This resulted in interest payments totalling €240.77 and my return rate is an amazing 20.6%.

There were a lot of projects to invest in compared to last month. Last month there were periods of almost a week without any projects, but this month there usually was one and some days even more:

A lot of the projects are divided into ‘tiers’. This means the loan is split into separate pieces that are put on the platform one after another. The nenefit of smaller loans for the borrower is that they’re fulfilled faster. The benefit for the investors is that the loan period is shorter, so the invested funds are returned faster.

Click on the graph to visit my Envestio overview page.

When you register via this link you’ll receive a 5 euro bonus with your first deposit, plus a bonus of 0.5% over all your investments in the first 270 days.


My investments at EstateGuru returned €8.79 last month. Not a lot, but I invested only €2,500 here. The average return rate is 6.0%, not bad but nothing to get excited about.

One of the reasons for this is 2 of the 5 projects being delayed. One of them has been late almost from the beginning, the other one is should have paid interest on february 26. We’ll see, maybe the payment arrives next month. If it is not, that;s a clear sign to freeze investments here and maybe try to transfer them to another platform.

Click on the graph to visit my EstateGuru overview page

Fast Invest

Fast Invest returned €110.00 in interest and the average rate of return is now 13.2%. This puts this platform in a stable third place, and makes it one of my favourites.

Click on the graph to visit my Fast Invest overview page

Funding Circle

My investments at Funding Circle returned € 49,59 in interest. My average return rate here is now 8.2%.

Click on the graph to visit my Funding Circle overview page


Grupeer returned €87.78 in interest this month. The return rate is now 14.4%, Which puts Grupeer in second place now.

This month it was exactly two years ago that Grupeer was founded. It has grown a lot: over 6,400 investors from 70 countries have registered since then. The number of available loans can keep up though, There are always quite a few loans and real estate projects to choose from, and with an interest rate of around 14%.

Also, Grupeer offers BuyBack guarantee, both invested principal and accrued interest are paid when the borrower is late with payments.

Click on the graph to visit my Grupeer overview page

IUVO Group

My investments at IUVO Group returned € 110.36 this month, so this is one of my best performing platforms. My average return rate here is 13.2%.

Click on the graph to visit my IUVO overview page

Lender & Spender

Lender & Spender is a Dutch platform, with a return rate that is too low for my taste. I withdrew €1,000 last month and invested that in Grupeer. This is immediately visible in the interest received (€12.70) and the graph below. The withdrawal costs amounted to €10 (1%) and this is reflected in the return rate which dropped a bit to 3.7%.

Click on the graph to visit my Lender & Spender overview page


Mintos is also one of my favourite platforms. The average return rate has climbed to 8.9%, and I received €46.52 in interest.

Mintos keeps growing. There are now over 100,000 registered investors, and the loans that have been financed since their beginning has increased to over 1.5 billion euros.

New loan originators are added to Mintos too. There are now 60 of them, and they issue loans in 28 countries. Some of the newcomers are Dineo from Spain (short term loans up to €500 and 30 days, 10% interest rate), ID Finance’s Plaxo which is also from Spain has loans with interest rates of 10%, and Monego from Kosovo which offers loans up to 13%.

Click on the graph to visit my Mintos overview page


My portfolio at Twino returned €52.61 interest, average rate of return is now 9.9%.

The rate of return starts to rise slowly, the loans I invested in first has interest rates of 8-9%. These loans are now slowly being reinvested in loans with interest rates of 12-14%.

Some of those new loans are late with payments, but luckily Twino has BuyBack guarantee and Payment Guarantee: Twino guarantees payment of both principal and interest.

Click on the graph to visit my Twino overview page

That’s it folks!

But no worries, there will be a new update next month. You can subscribe via the contact page and you’ll receive an email the moment it is published. Or just visit again next month, that’s up to you.

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    Congarts on being so close to your first target! I hope I will be able to get there in the next 10 years if everything goes according to plan.

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      Hi Peter, I hope you’ll get there. It’s a good thing to have focus on these long term financial goals and strive to better your own future!

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