December 2018: record month despite holiday slump

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December 2018: record month despite holiday slump

My return rate is up to 10.1%, that’s a new record! All I can say is that crowdfunding is definitely one of the better choices I’ve made this year. I hoped to see good returns when I started in august, but it’s still a bit unreal to see this actually happen.

My returns could even have been a bit higher, because I didn’t receive the monthly payment of Funding Circle. Notmally this comes in around the 27th, so I guess Christmas is to blame here. I expect this payment to come in in January, so that’s twice the normal payment in one month. I’m curious to see what that’ll do to the january overview!

This month I have also added an overview of all the actions I have taken this month, to show how little effort is required when investing via crowdfunding.

But first, let’s have a look at the numbers!

Portfolio december 2018

Bondora€ 28.356.7%€ 5,125€ 5,000
Crowdestate€ 7.661.2%€ 5,020€ 5,000
Crowdestor€ 28.709.6%€ 2,573€ 2,500
Envestio€ 234.5219.4%€ 14,371€ 13,500
EstateGuru€ 13.415.2%€ 2,557€ 2,500
Fast Invest€ 117.7812.6%€ 10,372€ 10,000
Funding Circle€ 49.965.6%€ 7,174€ 7,174
Grupeer€ 43.9612.2%€ 6,197€ 6,000
IUVO Group€ 95.4112.9%€ 10,491€ 10,000
Lender & Spender€ 21.634.1%€ 4,833€ 4,833
Mintos€ 43.777.4%€ 5,122€ 5,000
Twino€ 39.118.8%€ 5,149€ 5,000
Total€ 674.3010.1%€ 78,983€ 76,506

Interest per month

The interest I received in december is €67.13 lower compared to november. Biggest reason is Funding Circle, I didn’t receive the monthly payout. Probably because of the holidays. This puts me at 67% of my first target, a month ago this was 74%.

UPDATE: I received the monthly Funding Circle payout in my bank account on January 2nd. That should make the January report quite interesting 🙂


From now on I will add a list of all the things I did each month, to show you it doesn’t take much time and effort to invest via crowdfunding. Here are the things I did manually in december:

Lender & Spender2 decemberActivated monthly payouts to bank account
Envestiodecember 6Invested 120 euro in Wind turbine farm-Tier 4
Grupeerdecember 6Deposited 1000 euro
Mintosdecember 13Manually invested 200 euro
Funding Circledecember 16Invested 500 euro in 'Koperhandelaar voorfinanciering'
Envestiodecember 22Received 1000 euro (principal), invested 1100 euro in new project
IUVO Groupdecember 30Manually invested 298 euro

I regularly visited the websites just to check how they were doing, but that was just for fun and not needed to get these return rates.


No surprises for Bondora. Stable at 6.7%, so not amongst the platforms with the highest returns. However, the ease of use and the fact that you can withdraw your funds at any moment make this platform look like a savings account on steroids.

Tip: register through this link and you’ll receive a 5 euro bonus. Just give their Go & Grow option a try for 2 or 3 months, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Crowdestate doesn’t seems to do well, the return rate is 1.2%. This is just appearance and should be better in a few months. Several projects to not pay interest every month, instead the interest is paid at the end of the load period. The project I have invested in the most pays interest per quarter, and the first payment will come in in february. That should really give the return rate a boost.


Finally I was able to invest al the funds I deposited at Crowdestor. This is also reflected in the return rate (9.6%).


Envestio remains the best performer, with a return rate of 19.4%.

There are less projects available, I assume this is a result of the popularity of this platform. I invested 120 euro of received interest in the project ‘Wind turbine farm-Tier 4’ (20,55% interest, 9 month period).

When you register via this link you’ll receive a 5 euro bonus with your first deposit, plus a bonus of 0.5% over all your investments in the first 270 days.


EstateGuru is a bit of a disappointment with a return rate of 5.2%. This will probably improve over the next months and it’s not the worst performing platform, so I’ll just wait and see for now.

Fast Invest

Fast Invest is a solid performer. The return rate of 12.6% is puts it in the top 3, and the graph shows the income is stable.

Funding Circle

I invested 500 euros in a new project via the Dutch website of Funding Circle. The monthly payout for december wasn’t deposited into my bank account, but I assume this is because of the holidays. I expect a double payout in januari.


At the beginning of this month I deposited an extra 1,000 euros in Grupeer. It is one of the best performing platforms, the return rate is now 12.2% despite the lower amount of interest received.

IUVO Group

IUVO Group is also one of the best performing platforms. Solid in the top 3 with a return rate of 12.9%. The auto-invest works like a charm, I didn’t have to do anything this month for these returns.

Lender & Spender

Lender & Spender is a Dutch platform. I activated monthly payouts to my bank account, instead of keeping my funds being reinvested.


Mintos doesn’t disappoint with a return rate of 7.4%, but I’m not thrilled either. Received interest is higher compared to last month so I expect the return rate to get higher in the next months.


At Twino 660 euro wasn’t invested automatically. The return rate of 8.8% is still pretty good.

That’s it for this month

But do visit me next month to see what happens the upcoming month! You can subscribe via the contact page, and you’ll receive a notification when the next post is online.


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