November 2018: crowdfunding really works

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November 2018: crowdfunding really works

Crowdfunding really works for me. It provides me with a good return on investment and I do not have to do a lot for it. So far my ROI is up to 8.6% now, so each month I’m getting closer to financial freedom.

It starts to show that there are quite big differences between the platforms. I haven’t invested as much in every platform, but the rate of returns also varies a lot.

I was able to sell several bad loans on the secondary market at Crowdestate, and even managed to make a small profit. So my returns there are a lot better compared to last month.

Portfolio november 2018

Bondora€ 27.296.7%€ 5,096€ 5,000
Crowdestate€ 11.761.0%€ 5,013€ 5,000
Crowdestor€ 23.827.9%€ 2,544€ 2,500
Envestio€ 238.2218.6%€ 14,072€ 13,500
EstateGuru€ 18.754.8%€ 2,543€ 2,500
Fast Invest€ 116.7611.9%€ 10,255€ 10,000
Funding Circle€ 49.967.4%€ 6,674€ 6,674
Grupeer€ 63.5013.6%€ 5,153€ 5,000
IUVO Group€ 102.1713.8%€ 10,396€ 10,000
Lender & Spender€ 17.884.1%€ 5,081€ 5,000
Mintos€ 34.716.3%€ 5,078€ 5,000
Twino€ 36.618.6%€ 5,110€ 5,000
Totaal€ 741.438.6%€ 77,014€ 75,174

Interest per month

Platform updates


As expected the rate of return for Bondora is steady at 6.75%. This is the (upper) limit of the Go&Grow product; a lower rate but also lower risk. And combined with the fact that you can withdraw your funds at any moment this makes Bondora look like a savings account on steroids.

On this page you can find my Bondora account overview. When you register through this link you will receive a bonus of 5 euros.


Last month Crowdestate seemed to have a negative performance. There were no open projects, so I decided to buy some loans on the secondary market. The premium I paid would have been compendated in the long run. This month I was able to sell these loans with a nice profit:

The rate of return is still skewed, because several projects only repay the total interest plus pincipal at the end of the loan.


A month ago I could only invest 1,500 euros of the 2,500 euros I deposited at Crowdestor. But on october 30th I was able to invest 500 euros in the project “INCH² – Increase of operating capital”. This project paid the first interest of 7.57 euros on november 30th. The remaining 520 euros were invested in the project “Development of apartment building Tomsona 6” on november 7th.


You can see Envestio is the top platform when you look at the performance. It almost seems unreal: 18.6% and almost 240 euros of interest received in one month.

I manually invested the interest on november 1, 20, and 26. Envestio does not have a auto-invest function. At the moment there are three projects to invest in:

When you want to give it a try too, you can register through this link and you will receive a 5 euro bonus on your first deposit plus a bonus of 0.5% over all your investments in the first 270 days.


EstateGuru is now at 4.8%, while my overal rate of return is 10.75%. One of the loans only pays the interest ast the end of the loan period, which makes the ROI seem lower.

One of the other loans is late, but there is a message on the platform that this will be paid this week:

The rate of return and the received interest is still increasing every month, so I’m not worried yet.

Fast Invest

Fast Invest is the only platform after Envestio and IUVO that returns over 100 euros this month. A rate of return of 11.9% really helps, as well as the shared second place in invested funds.

The auto-invest fundtion also works really well, it invests in loans with interest rates of around 13.5%. The interest I received is almost the same as last month, so that is what I can expect the next months.


Grupeer is one of the top performing platforms. Unfortunately it is not in the top when you look at the amount invested. When I decide to invest some more, Grupeer is the likely candidate as 13.6% is really good.

This platform also has a really good auto-invest function. I didn’t have to look at it all month.

IUVO Group

The 13.8% return rate puts IUVO Group in second place. I received a little over 100 euros this month, which is really great!

You can receive a daily email (you can turn it off) with the activities and numbers:


Mintos is a bit of an underperformer with a return rate of 6.3%. The website indicates 9.66% so I guess this number will go up in the next month(s).


Twino now has a return rate of 8.6%, so it’s somewhere in the middle.


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